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Food Security

Food security is people having access to a variety of sustainable, safe, nutritious foods and food practices they need on a daily basis, in order to live their life in the way that they choose. Key, essential ingredients that are missing from food security include availability, access, nutrition, safety and sanitation, stability and the environment...

Laughter & Sorrow

  "I spent an hour with Laughter, We chatted all the way, But I barely remember a single thing From what she had to say. I then spent an hour with sorrow And ne'er a word said she, But, oh, the things I learned that day, That Sorrow walked with me." Anon When you gaze into the face of deep poverty, you can walk away … or you can stay, and feel...

Insider Movements

Investing in key 'insiders' is essential to bring about long-term positive change – those key people who have influence and are relationally, culturally and socially connected to their community are true powerhouses for mobilising communities for change.


  You only live once , right? Actually, you only die once and until that day arrives there's a whole lot of living to be done. People find meaning in many and varied pursuits. Here at Breaking The Hunger Cycle we are fulfilled by the knowledge that every day we work towards empowering local communities with the dignity and satisfaction of feed...

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