An initiative of Dr Donald Van Cooten in partnership with World Relief Australia

Due Dilligence

Breaking The Hunger Cycle is an initiative of Dr Donald Van Cooten PhD.

All projects are approved and implemented by World Relief Australia (WRA).

WRA conducts comprehensive due diligence checks on all projects and their implementing partners to give you the confidence that your funds are being maximised for performance. This due diligence ensures that all of our projects are implemented by effective, competent and legitimate partners. We undertake an extensive review of each potential partner, including its institutional and financial information, prior to partnering with them. This review ensures that our partners comply with all Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Taxation Office, and Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission requirements.

We also conduct comprehensive reviews of potential projects prior to the project being implemented to ensure that the projects are of high quality and best practice in development. World Relief Australia focuses on sustainable projects that empower the communities to help themselves. We pride ourselves on having projects that have demonstrable accountability and project effectiveness.

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