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Integrating Multi-purpose Agroforestry into Traditional Farming Methodology

Many of the world's most disadvantaged are subsistence farmers who barely grow enough to feed their families and livestock. Poor agricultural productivity directly impacts fundamental needs such as food security and income. Lack of food security leaves communities wide open to the risk of malnutrition, starvation and even death. Lack of income creates insurmountable barriers to the aquisition of education, health and income-generation. Furthermore, this cycle of poverty frequently results in the excessive utilisation of natural resources (eg. fuelwood usage) in ways that are environmentally devastating.

The integration of multipurpose trees into farming environments can reverse soil exhaustion and deforestation; replenishing soils, providing nutritious seed for food, fodder for animals, fuel for cooking and timber for building. In addition, agroforestry development reduces the risk of widespread crop failure through diversification and drought resilience. In the long term, agroforestry programs restore health to the environment and can be developed as a reliable enterprise.

Dr Donald Van Cooten PhD


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