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Tax Deductibility

If you wish to make a donation, you will be redirected to the World Relief Australia (WRA) website because all projects are approved & managed by WRA.

World Relief Australia is the trustee of the World Relief Overseas Aid Fund (ABN 96112236539) which is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1. This endorsement enables us to provide tax deductibility for Australian taxpayers who wish to make philanthropic donations.

Donations $2 & over are tax deductible. To qualify for tax deductibility, gifts must be unconditional. We endeavour to allocate your gift according to your wishes, or if not possible, to the nearest similar project.

Non-designated gifts will be allocated to the area of most need. Administration costs are deducted prior to disbursement.

If you are paying via credit card or PayPal, a tax receipt will be automatically emailed to you once the donation is processed.

If you are paying via bank transfer, a tax receipt will be emailed to you once the payment has been received.

When making a donation, financial information including bank account and credit card details may be collected. These are used to process transactions. Neither this website nor the World Relief Australia website store credit card details.

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